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About the maintenance knowledge of muffler in car

The muffler in car of a car is the main component of driving noise treatment. The muffler in car mainly eliminates noise by reducing and attenuating the pulsation of exhaust pressure. According to the principle of interference, the muffler of the beater has two basic ways of silencing: absorption and reflection.

1. Absorption muffler: reduce the energy of the exhaust gas by the friction between the glass fiber, steel fiber and asbestos and other sound-absorbing material manufacturers;

2. Reflective muffler: There are multiple coordinated cavities connected in series and porous reflecting tubes of different lengths connected to each other. The exhaust gas undergoes multiple reflections, collisions, expansions, and cooling to reduce its pressure and reduce vibration and energy.

In reality, muffler in car are usually designed by combining different muffler principles in automobiles. At the same time, multiple muffler units are used for multi-level muffler noise reduction in small passenger cars with high comfort requirements. control.

What problems should be paid attention to in the maintenance of exhaust muffler?

1. Prevent the muffler from rusting:

When driving or washing the car on a rainy day, prevent the muffler from entering water. If water enters accidentally, start the vehicle and warm up the car for 10 minutes, try to eliminate the water ingress, and dry the muffler.

2. Water dripping phenomenon in exhaust pipe:

Dripping water in the exhaust pipe of a car is a good phenomenon. It proves that the car engine is fully combusted and draining water through the exhaust pipe is a normal phenomenon, so there is no need to worry about it. The water droplets discharged from the exhaust pipe are actually the water vapor generated after the gasoline is burned, and the water condensed in the exhaust pipe and the muffler.