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The basic requirements that a muffler should meet

Since the muffler is installed on the equipment, it also allows the air to flow smoothly while silencing the sound, so there is a comprehensive performance requirement. basic requirements:

Muffling performance: Under normal working conditions, there is a sufficiently large amount of muffling in the required frequency range. The amount of noise reduction is divided into the amount of dynamic spectrum noise reduction and the amount of static spectrum noise reduction.

The resistance of the aerodynamic performance muffler to the airflow should be small, and the resistance coefficient should be low, that is, the pressure loss or power loss added after the installation of the muffler should be controlled within the actual allowable range. The airflow regeneration noise generated when the airflow passes through the muffler should be low without affecting the normal operation of the aerodynamic equipment. The aerodynamic performance of the muffler is usually expressed by the resistance loss, which consists of two parts: the frictional resistance loss of the pipe wall and the local resistance loss on the structure.

Structural strength performance The material and structure of the muffler are sturdy and durable, resistant to high temperature, corrosion, humidity, and dust; for the high-pressure-resistant muffler, it should be produced by a unit that has obtained a pressure vessel production license. In addition, the muffler should be small in size, light in weight, simple in structure, and easy to process, install and maintain. In addition, the shape of the muffler should be beautiful and generous, the surface decoration should be coordinated with the environment, long service life, and high cost performance.